Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2014 brings you good health, good cheer, and good things to look forward to!

I haven’t blogged much in the later part of 2013. After all the time and effort put into re-branding my blog, I hope I will also put more time into producing more posts this year.

My very first post for 2014 is on Polish Together. It’s something I started as SGSwatchFest and later renamed Polish Together. It’s a social media activity whereby we have scheduled themes for nail looks. For much of 2013, Pearlyn of Perpetual Funk kindly offered to help host the monthly Birth Stone Series. I’m very grateful that she did this for it was becoming a bit of a chore to me to keep thinking of new themes.

Anyway, I discussed the 2014 direction with a few of my Singapore nail sisters, including Perpetual FunkThe Nail Squad, A Polished Geek, and A Lacquered Affair. Basically, while we are reluctant to can Polish Together, it would difficult to get anyone to commit to coming up with regular themes. Even if we were to ask for volunteers to host each month’s theme, we would still need someone to coordinate. Given that we all have different schedules and priorities, I believe the process would be messy and frustrating.

Polish Together should be something fun for all involved. We don’t want to stop it but we don’t want anybody to feel obliged to set aside time to host this on a regular basis. The few of us have more or less agreed on a new direction that should require less coordination and demands on time on any person(s) in particular. We will try it out for a couple of months and see how it works out. The details are as follows:


POLISH TOGETHER IN 2014 – #MyManiStory2014

Instead of a new and different theme each month, we will have a running theme through 2014.

WHEN: Last day of each month

WHAT: Post a mani that tells a story of something you did or experienced during that month

HASHTAGS: #MyManiStory2014 and #PolishTogether

Now, this story you share can contain as many or as few details as you are comfortable to share. The objective is for a bit more personal touch in the posts. We are not just crazy nail people. There is a lot more to each of us and I’m sure we would like to share a bit more about ourselves as well as learn a bit more of the people we follow on social media. At the same time, there are some of us who would wish to keep our polish side separate from our private lives. That is fine too because you decide and control how much to tell in your mani story.

Some possible examples:

  • My wedding mani when I married my high school sweetheart last week! [And go on to give details about your courtship, romance, wedding, new house, new pets, et cetera, et cetera.]
  • I bought my first indie polish this month and here it is!
  • I sold my car and bought a bicycle this month so here is some bicycle nail art.
  • I love green polish so here’s a green polish! [You can do this all 12 months if you like, but please at least post different green shades. I’m looking at you, The Nail Squad! ;)]


We are also leaving the possibility open for additional themes based on special days, events, and causes. Those would be held when someone offers to host a special theme under Polish Together. If you wish to do so, you can always leave a comment here or on a Polish Together Instagram post.

Our first post in 2014 will be on 31 January. I hope you’ll have interesting stories to tell of your first month in 2014!


My Mani Story 2014

Change to Dream Wanders
Pond Flowers Mani



I look forward to hearing from you.